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Commissions by msynowicz

Hey everyone! I’m off of work for the next (7) days, so I’ve decided to re-open commissions! For one week only I am offering Single character sketches with simple shading for $20, single character line-less color drawings for $40, and Single character with line-less color and simple platform background for $80. Send an e-mail to with your request and any reference, and we can work out the details. Paypal only please! 

Thanks for looking!

HELLO! Commissions are wide open. Now is your chance to take advantage of some of my free time. See the image below! Send me an e-mail to and we can has out the details!

Hey! I’m opening up commissions again. $20 gets you a digital sketch with simple shading as seen below!  Send me a note, or an e-mail to and we can work out the details. Sound good? Now get going!

Also let it be known that I'm trying to raise a bit of money, and I'm about half way to my goal. About $250 and I'm there. Help a guy out!



So check out my gallery! I just posted about 13 new images for your enjoyment! 
GUYS! Help me move out of my terrible apartment. More info at the link below. HELP ME OUT. I AM SUPER DESPERATE!

Ya know.... nearly every day since I took all of my stuff down I've stopped to take a look back at this site. While I was still angry, something drove me to check out other people's pages again, and again. New art in a few moments. 
...And the people who post here. It's filled with plagiarists, people who can't take critiques. No one is looking to improve. No one is passionate about the craft anymore. No wonder artists aren't taken seriously. Later guys.